"In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your
good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven."

- Matthew 5:16 

Online Formation - Virtual Courses

Online Catechist Formation Courses

Training of the catechist is necessary to ensure that the faith is shared in its integrity and in a manner that responds to the needs, learning styles, cultures and other special characteristics of those in their care.

Approved Online Courses
The Adult Learning Program of the Archdiocese of Miami Virtual Catholic School (ADOM-VCS), in partnership with the Archdiocese of Miami Office of Catechesis, offers the following courses transferable to the Catechist Certification Program.

      Initial Certification
      - Introduction to the Profession of Faith: Creed
      - Introduction to Sacred Scripture
      - Introduction to Liturgy and Sacraments
      - Introduction to Catholic Morality: Life in Christ

      Renewal Certification (Renewal Courses can only be taken AFTER completion of Initial Certification)
      - Introduction to Christian Prayer
      - Introduction to the Old Testament
      - Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching
      - Introduction to Catholic Social Doctrine and Praxis on Genocide and Holocaust
      - Essential Elements of Christology

Virtual School Registration Form, Virtual Course Selection,Virtual Tuition- all Archdioceses and Dioceses
ADOM-VCS cannot advise on the courses you need - for questions about courses needed, please ask the MIP Coordinator from your school/Office of Catechesis.

Archdiocese of Miami Teachers and Staff:
Teachers and staff from the Archdiocese of Miami can also reach out to the ADOM Office of Catechesis:

Sr. Karen Muñiz - Director of Catechist Formation Program/Director of Catechesis

Virtual Registration Form and Virtual Course Selection
After checking your most updated transcripts, submit the online Registration and Course Selection Form

Each course is $45. Students may take up to two courses each session.
Tuition is paid via FACTS - create or link your existing FACTS account to ADOM-VCS .

All course materials will be provided via the virtual class platform; students will need to download Chrome browser on their devices.

Questions regarding registration, course selection, tuition: principal@adomvirtual.com

Course Login

     Session Dates: 2019-2020

      Fall 2019 (only for ADOM)
      - Registration:  September 3 - September 13
      - Course Dates: September 23 - November 2
      Spring I (ADOM and nationwide)
      - Registration:  January 6 - January 17
      - Course Dates: January 27 - March 7
      Spring II (ADOM and nationwide)
      - Registration:  March 16- March 27
      - Course Dates: April 6 - May 23
      Summer 2019 (ADOM and nationwide)
      - Registration:  June 1 - June 12
      - Course Dates: June 22-August 1